Ready and Abel! Mediation - Take Control of Your Destiny

Hello! This is Gena Abel, owner of Abel Counseling Consulting and Mediation. Welcome to this week's Ready and Abel video. For the next few weeks, the videos will focus on the other major part of this business - mediation.

I became a Florida Supreme Court certified County mediator because I’ve seen first hand how mediation is one of the best ways to resolve conflicts.

Mediation is a process where a neutral third party facilitates a discussion between two disputing parties and encourages the resolution of a dispute. The number one goal is to assist the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.

The mediator IS NOT a judge or the jury so they do not make any determinations on the outcome. The parties in dispute maintain 100% control over the results. They decide the outcome of the dispute.

Here are a couple quick points about mediation.

It's voluntary and consensual. It’s in both parties best interest to see if they can resolve their dispute during mediation, instead of waiting to see the judge. The parties will control their outcome and not leave their destiny in the hands of a judge.

It’s a confidential process. The details discussed during mediation cannot leave the mediation room. There are a few exceptions to confidentiality, but for the most part, what’s said in mediation stays in mediation. Even if the dispute goes in front of the judge, the details discuss during mediation cannot be shared.

The mediator is neutral and impartial. They do not take sides and they have no stake in the outcome of the case. A mediator DOES NOT make a determination over the case. Their primary role is to facilitate the discussion and ensure the disputing parties listen to one another so that they can work towards a resolution.

There are 4 main ways a mediation can end. First, with a full settlement, where the parties a find resolution with all issues. Second, partial settlement where the parties may only settle on some, but not all issues. Third, they may request an adjournment and return at a later time. Fourth, no agreement is reached and the case will go to trial.

The top three benefits of going to mediation:

You have 100% control of the outcome

You will save time

You will save money

There you have it, a quick overview about mediation. To learn know more details about how mediation can benefit your personal and your business life, stay tuned for more videos. Follow my page on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you’ll be the first to know more about this process. Thank you!

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