Mediation Services

In mediation, a trained neutral third party assists the disputing parties to reach an agreement. My role is to help the parties find an agreed upon solution by identifying and clarifying the issues, facilitating open communication, and reducing the agreement to writing. My goal is to empower the parties to solve their concern and have control over the outcome. Mediation can turn conflict into productive conversation.


As a Supreme Court certified county court mediator, I have the skills and training to facilitate forward-thinking discussions that focus on interests and not party positions. With my experience, I will foster joint problem solving and assist the parties to explore settlement alternatives.


I would be more than happy to assist you with addressing the following types of disputes

  • Landlord/tenant

  • Recovery of property/money

  • Auto repair concerns

  • Credit card settlements


Evening and weekend dates are available upon request. Email or call (321) 430-5419 to reserve available dates and schedule your mediation.

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