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What does a session typically look like?

Counseling sessions typically last 50 minutes. Sessions usually begin by providing information about the previous week and setting a goal/intention for the session. Then, we will work together using techniques to develop solutions to the concerns that brought you into therapy. Lastly, we will close the session by summarizing what was discussed and assigning tasks for you to work on between sessions.

How often will we meet and how long will I be in therapy?

This answer is largely based on what type of challenges you are facing and how long you have been struggling before seeking support. Typically, clients see the most success when they meet with me weekly and therapy typically lasts between eight and twelve weeks. This duration is based on the severity of symptoms and how complex the issues may be.

Can you provide consultation services outside of Florida?

YES (depending on the need)! I provide counseling, mediation, and notary services to Florida residents, but most consultation services can be provided outside of Florida. Please contact me today to discuss the type of consultation services you need and the location of the services.


How do I know if my case is appropriate for mediation?

When deciding if mediation is right for you, you discuss the matter with the other party to see if they are willing to settle the matter before a neutral third party. Both parties must agree to go to mediation and be willing to find common ground.

Courtrooms can add to the emotional stress the parties are facing and mediation can be a way to deescalate tension and resolve the issues amicably. Mediation can save both parties time, expense, and stress of litigation.

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